Peshtigo Flowage – Walleye Spawning Reef

PESHTIGO – Generous funding from several partners and a window of opportunity during a dam repair allowed DNR and partners

to build a walleye spawning reef in the Peshtigo Flowage below Potato Rapids Dam.

The project involved adding 300 tons of glacial stone to create a walleye spawning reef to promote natural reproduction of walleye. The project became a possibility when water levels were drawn down on the Pestigo Flowage between May and October 2012 to replace the Highway 41 bridge and complete maintenance to the dam in Peshtigo. The drawdown not only made building the spawning reef possible, but greatly reduced the cost.

Construction took place during the first weeks of August. A majority of funding was provided by Walleyes for Tomorrow ($7,000), Wisconsin Public Service ($4,000), and the Porterfield Sportsman’s Club ($3,000). Significant natural reproduction of walleye is expected once the adult population has been re-established.

– Chip Long, senior fisheries biologist, Peshtigo