WDNR Fisheries staff with tagged walleye

We look forward to working with our local DNR staff in not only increasing habitat, but education about the walleye as well with work being done at the Peshtigo River

Photos of
• Anglers lined up in the lower Peshtigo River in the spring.
• A big female. Look closely at the base of the dorsal and you can see a green floy tag.
• Closer up of a floy tag.
• 2012 survey on the lower Peshtigo River. Left to right WDNR fisheries staff Ron Rhode, Tammie Paoli, Rod Lange, Brad Ryan.
• Crew and shocking boat on the lower Peshtigo.
• A walleye with lymphocystis (and a yellow floy tag). In the spring, we get quite a few calls about fish having warty growths on them. Lymphocystis is a viral disease that is seldom fatal that seems to peak in the spring during colder temps and spawning stress…